Vietnam, Hanoi Tex Cost of Living April 2010

Country Full Name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Location: Vietnam is in South Eastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and South China Sea, alongside China, Laos, and Cambodia.

Country Climate: Tropical in south; monsoonal in north with hot, rainy season (May to September) and warm, dry season (October to March).

Country Terrain: Low, flat delta in south and north; central highlands; hilly, mountainous in far north and northwest.

Major Languages: Vietnamese.

Major Religions: Buddhism.

Country Population: 86.2 million (2008 est.) 87.2 million (2009 est.).

Country Economy: The economy of Vietnam is a developing mixed economy. Over the past 20 years, Vietnam has made a shift from a centrally planned economy to a Socialist-oriented market economy. The economy has experienced rapid growth. Vietnam is in transition from a planned economy to a market-oriented mixed economy.

Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Country Inflation: 23.1% (2008 est.) 7% (2009 est.).

City: Hanoi is the capital and second-largest city of Vietnam.

City Economy: Industrial production in the city has experienced a rapid boom since the 1990s in addition tourism, finance, and banking now play an increasingly important role.

Cost of Living: Hanoi has an overall cost of living index which equates it with low cost of living locations. The overall cost of living index is comprised of the prices for defined quantities of the same goods and services across all 13 Basket Groups. Hanoi is currently ranked 226 overall, most expensive place in the world for expatriates to live, out of 282 international locations.

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