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What is Expatriate Pay Philosophy?

Organisations spend insufficient time creating a well designed expatriate remuneration strategy and policy. This is dangerous given that the highest employee turnover is at the beginning and end of international assignments, indicating a lack of integration of expatriate pay philosophy with … Continue reading

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How to NOT have an X-Trailing Spouse

I was that woman, I could have been a man in this situation, but I was that woman. You know the one, the Trailing Spouse as we are commonly known.  The one that gets to say “Yes” to moving abroad … Continue reading

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Cost of Living Differences Around the World — Just How Big Are They?

What makes one city more expensive than another?  Why is Switzerland so expensive? Why is Tokyo no longer the most expensive place in the world? Switzerland is fragmented into different cultures and different languages in different geographical areas. In comparison to most countries, people do … Continue reading

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How Does Your Salary Compare?

Most of us spend much of our time working for a salary. The average person will spend close to 40 years earning a salary of some sort. Do we spend enough time and effort making sure what we get paid … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Expat Summer Holiday

The air of excitement that we all felt while waiting at the airport to go home for the summer holidays was noticeable everywhere. It was 11pm, 2 weeks into the summer holidays and yet the airport was still crowded with expats on their way home for the 2 – 3 month holiday period to destinations all over the world. Continue reading

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Which expat are you?

The one great advantage when you exercise is not only getting fit and in shape, but also that it gives your mind time to think. My thoughts during my last session was on the different types of Expats that you get. I am not referring to nationalities or cultures but more to the country that you find yourself being an expat in which can determine the type of expat you will be. Continue reading

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