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April 2015 Xpatulator.com Top Ten City Rankings

Xpatulator.com has been created to assist subscribers calculate expatriate pay using the online calculators and extensive database of cost of living and hardship indexes, for 780 international locations. The cost of living ranking information is updated quarterly using data collected by Xpatulator.com over the past 12 months. Continue reading

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Kenya Cost of Living: Expatriate Cultural Tips, Risk Rating, Tipping and More…

Kenya is a country of diversity, where within its borders are you will find the rich savannahs where big game roam, where cultures are unchanged by the modern world, pristine beaches and coral reefs stretch the coastline, equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains can be found … Continue reading

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Expat China: Risk, Culture, Working Hours and Language

As an expat moving to a country outside of your own culture, the prospect can be quite daunting.  However if you have information your require on what to expect, a little bit of courage and lots of drive anything is possible. … Continue reading

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China Expat Experience

We have put together expats experiences of different countries. Thinking of moving abroad? Then read our weekly blog from expats living around the world. Natalie Cossavella living in China Where are you originally from? I’m from South Africa Is this … Continue reading

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What is Expatriate Pay Philosophy?

Organisations spend insufficient time creating a well designed expatriate remuneration strategy and policy. This is dangerous given that the highest employee turnover is at the beginning and end of international assignments, indicating a lack of integration of expatriate pay philosophy with … Continue reading

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Six Things I Miss About Being An Expat

Becoming an expat was a culture shock, I felt isolated and yes depression was part and parcel of trying to fit in and work out who I was, where I was going and how to cope. I truly put on … Continue reading

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The What? The Balassa–Samuelson Effect.

The Balassa–Samuelson effect is the theory behind the Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator (SPPP). The goal of this calculator is to determine how much salary, in a host location, will give an employee the same purchasing power as they currently have in … Continue reading

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