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Kenya Cost of Living: Expatriate Cultural Tips, Risk Rating, Tipping and More…

Kenya is a country of diversity, where within its borders are you will find the rich savannahs where big game roam, where cultures are unchanged by the modern world, pristine beaches and coral reefs stretch the coastline, equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains can be found … Continue reading

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Being an Expat Kid

Is being an expat all about attitude, and if so, does this have an immense influence on expat children and how they perceive their situation in this new environment?

If as adults we have doubts about settling in a new country, how do you think our children are feeling?
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The need to be open minded as an Expat

continuation of raising kids as an Expat…..being openminded Continue reading

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Your Attitude counts for everything as an Expat

Your attitude as the adult and parent is going to greatly influence how your children settle in the country and accept the move.

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Being a positive parent, being a positive child

Positive parenting. Continue reading

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