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International Cost of Living Index for Top Ten Ranked Cities January 2014

The below grid shows the Cost of Living Index (COLI) variances over the last 6 years from January 2009 to January 2014 1. The most noticeable change in Cost of Living Index (COLI) is Tokyo from 142.96 to 122.9 index points, … Continue reading

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Xpatulator New Pricing Structure

We have changed the way in which you purchase from us, instead of buying credits we now have a Subscription Offering.  This new method of subscribing represent a substantial saving for our clients compared to our competitors, who either charge … Continue reading

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What is Expatriate Pay Philosophy?

Organisations spend insufficient time creating a well designed expatriate remuneration strategy and policy. This is dangerous given that the highest employee turnover is at the beginning and end of international assignments, indicating a lack of integration of expatriate pay philosophy with … Continue reading

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Why is the cost of living index (COLI) different in every location?

When comparing the cost of living between 2 locations the difference in the aggregate cost of the selected basket groups are examined in each location using the average reported price in each location for the same quantity of each item. … Continue reading

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Overseas Assignment? July 2013 Cost of Living Rankings Now.

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Zurich in Switzerland is ranked as the overall most expensive city to live in, world-wide, according to Xpatulator.com’s July 2013 international cost of living rankings. Thimphu in Bhutan, is ranked the cheapest. Tokyo dropped 2 places in April, and another 3 places in … Continue reading

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Being An Expat, Your Salary, Your Cost of Living

In many social or work situations, I often get asked the question: “So what exactly do you do?” or “What is the business about?” My usual response is to explain that I am a part owner in a Cost of … Continue reading

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Zurich City – Just How Expensive Is It?

Zurich in Switzerland is a cultural Mecca and renowned for being one of the most desirable cities to live in many a survey. It is also however one of the most expensive cities to live in, ranking in the top ten … Continue reading

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