Why is the cost of living index (COLI) different in every location?

00 World Map1When comparing the cost of living between 2 locations the difference in the aggregate cost of the selected basket groups are examined in each location using the average reported price in each location for the same quantity of each item. Cost of living is the relative differential in the local cost of the basket groups and the ruling exchange rate between the 2 selected locations. When comparing the cost of living between different locations the objective is to calculate the difference in the cost of living expressed as an index (e.g. dividing the cost of living in Location A by the cost of living in Location B may result in an index of 140).

The cost of living index indicates the difference in the cost of living between the 2 locations. In the above example the index of 140 means that Location A is 40% more expensive than Location B. This would mean that a person who moves from Location B to Location A would need to earn 40% more, to have the same standard of living in Location A as they have currently.

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