Xpatulator New Pricing Structure

07 Calculator1We have changed the way in which you purchase from us, instead of buying credits we now have a Subscription Offering.  This new method of subscribing represent a substantial saving for our clients compared to our competitors, who either charge a cost per report or charge you according to a quoted consulting fee.

We have kept our costs to a minimum by adopting a fast online service model as opposed to the traditional consulting model. From the beginning, we recognized that providing the fastest, most accurate results required a new kind of service, which Xpatulator.com® provides today. The innovation has paid off in faster response times, greater scalability and lower costs.

Our offerings consist of two subscription types:

seven day or an annual subscription.

The Seven Day Subscription:

Here we offer you the Home Location for free and each Host Location purchased will cost $75.  This allows you unlimited access to the purchased location data for the 7 day period using any of the calculators.

The Annual Subscription:

With this we offer you the Home Location for free and each Host Location will cost $750.  The yearly Subscription allows you unlimited access to the purchased location data using any of the calculators for this period.

How do you use Xpatulator.com® ?

Register, purchase locations you want information on and select your subscription type. Then select the calculator/s of your choice to create your reports.  A report can be re-run for the period that you have purchased your subscription for.  These reports are saved and can be viewed later in your “Report Archive” as PDF’s, online or emailed to your registered email address.


About Xpatulator

Xpatulator.com is a website that provides international cost of living information and calculators that can help you determine cost of living indexes, cost of living allowances, salary purchasing power and international assignment packages to compensate for cost of living, hardship, and exchange rate differences.
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