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International Cost of living in July 2011

The July cost of living rankings reflect a rapidly changing world. This year has seen political uprisings in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria; Ireland, Portugal and Greece are in financial crisis. At first glance the causes appear to be related to poor management of the economy, combined with other factors such as youth unemployment and political freedom. However it can also be argued that a common issue is the cost of living, particularly for the poorest sectors within each country. Continue reading

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Lebanon, Beirut – Cost of Living

The economy of Lebanon is characterized by remittances from Lebanese abroad which account for one fifth of the country’s economy. The thriving tourism and banking activities have made the services sector the most important part of the Lebanese economy employing nearly 65% of the workforce. Continue reading

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Algeria Cost of Living

Algeria cost of living is ranked a middle cost of living location. Algeria is in Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Morocco and Tunisia. CAPITAL CITY: Algiers LARGEST CITY: Algiers CURRENCY: Algerian Dinar (DZD) ECONOMY: Algiers is an important … Continue reading

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Albania Cost of Living

Albania cost of living is ranked a low cost of living location. The Republic of Albania is a Balkan country in South Eastern Europe. CAPITAL CITY: Tirana LARGEST CITY: Tirana CURRENCY: Albanian Lek (ALL) ECONOMY: After economic contraction following the … Continue reading

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