Europe Cost of Living – July to September 2010

Europe’s most expensive cities are those that are not on the Euro. The most expensive city in Europe is Geneva (ranked 3 in the world). The Swiss Franc has strengthened by 8% in the past year and by 16% over the past 2 years. Geneva is followed by Oslo (ranked 5 in the world), and Zurich (ranked 6 in the world). Copenhagen (ranked 7 in the world) is the fourth most expensive city in Europe and is particularly expensive for groceries (ranked 2 in the world). Moscow (ranked 9 in the world) which had fallen in the cost of living rankings has shot back up 6th most expensive city in Europe. The Russian Rouble has strengthened 14% against the Euro in the past year. The cheapest city in Europe is Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ranked 253 in the world) with a cost of living index of 64.72 (New York = 100).

Most expensive cities in Europe (Global rank in brackets)
1. Switzerland, Geneva (3)
2. Norway, Oslo (5)
3. Switzerland, Zurich (6)
4. Denmark, Copenhagen (7)
5. Liechtenstein, Vaduz (8)
6. Russia, Moscow (9)
7. France, Paris (10)
8. Monaco, Monaco (12)
9. United Kingdom, London (14)
10. Austria, Vienna (16)

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