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Middle East Cost of Living – 2010

The Middle East has experienced a drop in inflation in most cities over the past two years following a few years of relatively high inflation. The strong link of most regional currencies to the United States Dollar has resulted in … Continue reading

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Tonga, NukuAlofa – Cost of Living

The economy of Tonga is characterized by a large non monetary sector and a heavy dependence on remittances from the half of the country’s population that lives abroad, chiefly in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Nuku’Alofa is the … Continue reading

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Togo, Lome – Cost of Living

Subsistence agriculture is the main economic activity in Togo; the majority of the population depends on subsistence agriculture. Phosphates are Togo’s most important commodity, and the country has an estimated 60 million metric tons of phosphate reserves. Lome is the … Continue reading

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Timor-Leste, Dili – Cost of Living

The economy of East Timor is one of the world’s poorest, in part due to decades of both neglect and misaligned economic priorities under Portuguese and subsequent Indonesian administration. Dili is the capital and largest city of East Timor. Dili … Continue reading

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Thailand, Bangkok – Cost of Living

The economy of Thailand is an emerging economy which is heavily export-dependent, with exports accounting for more than two thirds of gross domestic product (GDP). Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area and primary city of Thailand. Bangkok is the … Continue reading

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