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Expat Kids, not just cost of living

It is very important to consider your child’s opinions and constantly talk to your kids about how they are feeling. Listen to your children, really listen! We have also set each of the kids up on gmail, and they sometimes email us and let us know how they feel (even though we are not talking, they are still communicating with us on their feelings).
Trudie constantly communicated with her son – During our alone time I constantly reassured Matthew that dad will be with us soon, and when Dad did not come back to our home country, but to our expat spot and we had to go there Matthew was the first to jump at the idea. We also constantly talk about the fact that we will move again- this is not home yet- we will be here for a couple of years – we wanted Matthew to be prepared for that and use it to motivate him-work harder at school etc. Continue reading

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Gabon, Libreville – Cost of Living

The economy of Gabon enjoys a per capita income four times that of most nations of sub-Saharan Africa. This has supported a sharp decline in extreme poverty; yet because of high income inequality a large proportion of the population remains … Continue reading

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