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Returning expats

Former expat Robert Leveson has left Singapore to start again in Britain. The only problem is, they do things differently there.

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An Islamic Perspective on Child-Rearing and Discipline By Umm Salihah

Thanks to a small number of Muslims and large chunks of the mainstream media, Islam has gained a reputation for severity and harshness. When it comes to the way we raise our children this can often be true – but … Continue reading

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Educated Unemployables: China, Twitter and 20-Year-Olds vs. the Pyramids

Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia today are overflowing with the most frustrated cohort in the world — “the educated unemployables.” They have college degrees on paper but really don’t have the skills to make them globally competitive. I was just in … Continue reading

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Take Control of Your Currency Exchange Needs

One of the benefits of using a specialist foreign exchange broker is that you have a lot more control over your ability to manage currency fluctuations which, whether you are making regular pension transfers or buying property, can help to … Continue reading

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Expats Warned on Compensation Complacency

Expats need to remain on their toes over compensation rights, despite the higher €100,000 deposit compensation limit now in force in all European Economic Area (EEA) member states as from 1st January 2011. While the raised limit is a welcome … Continue reading

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Expat guide to South Africa: schools

Schools offering a British educational experience in South Africa tend to be relatively new – and small – but the sector appears to be growing, driven in part by the popularity of GCSE and A-level qualifications offered by University of … Continue reading

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Where to Find the World’s Best Quality of Life in 2011

Where will you find the world’s best quality of life? Going by numbers alone, the winner is clear: the United States. On a macro level, the numbers tell their story. The U.S. has more paved roads than anywhere else, more … Continue reading

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Expatriate Tool- Google Translate

The search giant last night launched an application that allows a mobile phone to instantly translate a conversation. Users speaking into a device running Google’s own Android operating system will hear their words translated into another language, and their conversation … Continue reading

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Expat Investment News: How to stop currency fluctuations damaging your savings

Dramatic currency fluctuations in the last week should remind expatriate savers they need to take account of currency risk on their savings, writes Charlotte Beugge. Last week, when the bad news about UK gross domestic product was announced, sterling fell … Continue reading

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Expat Egypt News: One American woman’s diary under curfew

I am under curfew, banished from the streets after 4 pm. There’s still no Internet, which evokes mild withdrawal symptoms. Cellphone service is back after a day, when dusted-off landlines proved their worth. Mona, who lives in the apartment upstairs, … Continue reading

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