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Generation What? Generation Z and The Alpha Generation

Generation Z / Net Generation / Dreamer Generation / Generation I / Generation @ / Generation 9/11 / 21st century generation Relatively little has been established about this generation Born: Roughly between the years of 1995-2010 Age: Between 1 and … Continue reading

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Generation What? The first Generation babies …. Gen X

Generation X is probably the generation with the biggest turning point, brought up by Baby Boomers, technological advancements, changes in politics and the economy, democracy, black and women’s rights, space exploration and all this happening at a rapid rate, this … Continue reading

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Generation What? The Baby Boomers …..

Having spoken about the Traditionalist Generation, we now move on to the Baby boomers and how they left and are leaving their mark in our lives. Continue reading

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Generations What? Lets begin with the Traditionalist…..

Have you considered how the period you were born into determines how you will be as a person? How you and your school mates reacted towards circumstances?  How to cope with the generation gap that we all feel between ourselves, … Continue reading

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Expatriate Spotlight on Andorra la Vella in Andorra

Andorra is famous for great skiing and shopping and some of the most dramatic scenery in the Pyrenees with over 300 days of sunshine a year. In the last five years, over €50 million has been invested in mountain cafés … Continue reading

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Expatriate Spotlight on Algiers in Algeria

Algiers is a large, busy, Mediterranean city that, thanks mainly to oil and gas, is growing and prospering. The number of new cars on the roads is a sign of growing personal prosperity. The population has doubled in the last … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Tsunami – More Likely than you think

Expatriates living in retirement in the sunny climate of the Mediterranean region may be wondering if the devastation in Japan could happen to them. Not only have tsunamis hit the Mediterranean in the past, there may be more to come. … Continue reading

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Comparable Worth: Equal Pay for Equal Work – Expatriate Salary Purchasing Power Parity

Comparable worth is a principle that states that people who perform work of equal value should receive similar levels of compensation regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality etc, but with the exception of legally allowable differences such as level of performance, … Continue reading

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Retire to a low cost of living country

Picture this. It’s 2024, and you have been retired for several years now. You are up early for a light breakfast and head out on your way to the golf course while your significant other heads for the mall. But the reality is that you work at the local pro shop, and your partner works in a bookshop in an effort to supplement your retirement funds and make the money last another 30 years. Continue reading

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Why your salary is what it is

Have you ever wondered why your salary is what it is? At first glance you would probably say it is based on what you signed up for when you joined your company and on the salary increases you received since then. Perhaps this was based on the state of the economy, your company’s profitability or hopefully your performance. But let us dig a little deeper. Continue reading

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