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International Cost of Living Index for Expats January 2018

Luanda in Angola is the most expensive city in the world for expatriate professional migrants to live. As opposed to Hong Kong, everything in Luanda is expensive as almost all international standard goods and services are imported. Despite the lower … Continue reading

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2018 Most Expensive Countries for Expats

January 2018 survey by Xpatulator.com based on expatriate professional migrant spending focusing on “international” brands and premium service providers such as up-market medical practices, international schools, and exclusive, secure accommodation. The top ten most expensive countries in the world as … Continue reading

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Generations What? Lets begin with the Traditionalist…..

Have you considered how the period you were born into determines how you will be as a person? How you and your school mates reacted towards circumstances?  How to cope with the generation gap that we all feel between ourselves, … Continue reading

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Expats to be deported for ‘obscene’ gestures

One of the many urban myths with which long-time expats like to scare newcomers to Dubai is that you can be arrested for making rude hand gestures such as “flipping the finger”. http://my.telegraph.co.uk/expat/annabelkantaria/10141335/expats-to-be-deported-for-%E2%80%98obscene%E2%80%99-gestures/

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Unusual British exports

The traditional red telephone box is fast disappearing from Britain’s streets, but if you’re feeling nostalgic, track down one of the many hundreds sold abroad. This one can be found on Dickenson Bay in Antigua, but others have ended up … Continue reading

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Is being an expat all about attitude?

Is being an expat all about attitude, and if so, does this have an immense influence on expat children and how they perceive their situation in this new environment? Continue reading

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Just a quick note of thanks to those that participated in getting me information on becoming an expat. I will be posting my article shortly on all the discoveries made 🙂

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How becoming an Expat can affect your children

Researching topic for an article, all comments welcome. Continue reading

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