2018 Most Expensive Countries for Expats

January 2018 survey by Xpatulator.com based on expatriate professional migrant spending focusing on “international” brands and premium service providers such as up-market medical practices, international schools, and exclusive, secure accommodation.
The top ten most expensive countries in the world as at January 2018 comprise three from Africa Angola (1); South Sudan (3); Central African Republic (10), three from Europe Norway (2); Switzerland (5); Denmark (7), three from America Bermuda (4); Cayman Islands (6); Bahamas (8), and one from Asia Pacific Japan (9).
The January 2018 top 10 world country cost of living comparison (covering 216 countries) rankings for all expat basket items from most expensive location to least expensive are as follows:
1. Angola (Africa)
2. Norway (Europe)
3. South Sudan (Africa)
4. Bermuda (Americas)
5. Switzerland (Europe)
6. Cayman Islands (Americas)
7. Denmark (Europe)
8. Bahamas (Americas)
9. Japan (Asia-Pacific)
10. Central African Republic

About Xpatulator

Xpatulator.com is a website that provides international cost of living information and calculators that can help you determine cost of living indexes, cost of living allowances, salary purchasing power and international assignment packages to compensate for cost of living, hardship, and exchange rate differences.
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