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Expatriate Pay Philosophy

It is important to ask questions about your current expatriate pay philosophy. Does your current expatriate pay philosophy drive the desired behaviour? Is the current policy and practice aligned to organisational objectives? Does the current policy work for or against … Continue reading

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Global Versus Local Pay

Ramesh prefers to say “I am from Dubai and Mumbai” as these are the two places he feels he is a “local” rather than have to explain “My parents were from India. I was born in Dubai and grew up … Continue reading

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Comparable Worth: Equal Pay for Equal Work – Expatriate Salary Purchasing Power Parity

Comparable worth is a principle that states that people who perform work of equal value should receive similar levels of compensation regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality etc, but with the exception of legally allowable differences such as level of performance, … Continue reading

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Offshore savers less protected if banks fail

Offshore savers are yet again being short-changed compared with those onshore. But this time, it’s the level of protection that’s lower for expatriates than for counterparts living in the UK. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/offshorefinance/8246100/Offshore-savers-less-protected-if-banks-fail.html

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Mexico plans reform of immigration system

The governmental body in charge of migration in Mexico is be reformed, sources have disclosed. Tens of thousands of migrants, mostly from Central American countries such as Honduras and Guatemala, enter Mexico each year, hoping to use the country as … Continue reading

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Unusual British exports

The traditional red telephone box is fast disappearing from Britain’s streets, but if you’re feeling nostalgic, track down one of the many hundreds sold abroad. This one can be found on Dickenson Bay in Antigua, but others have ended up … Continue reading

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A new approach to expatriate pay

The challenges of ensuring expatriates are paid fair salaries across different countries, in the current economic climate, of the credit crisis together with rapid currency and inflation fluctuations are increasingly complex. The current economic climate has made it necessary to … Continue reading

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