Generation What? The first Generation babies …. Gen X

Generation X is probably the generation with the biggest turning point, brought up by Baby Boomers, technological advancements, changes in politics and the economy, democracy, black and women’s rights, space exploration and all this happening at a rapid rate, this group have seen the biggest changes happening over time.
Generation X / Gen X / The Doer / Post Boomers / 13th Generation

Born: Between 1965 and 1980
Age: Between 31 to 46
Education: Seen as a way to get there
Influencers: Watergate, the energy crisis, Challenger disaster, The fall of the Berlin Wall, Persian Gulf War, AIDS, The Clinton Administration, Reagan Assassination Attempt, dual income families and single parents, first generation of Latchkey Kids, Y2K, the energy crisis, activism, corporate downsizing, the end of the cold war, mom’s that work, and an increase in the divorce rate / single parent units.  There major influence however is the media.


Family: Born after the BabyBoomers.  Due to their workaholic Babyboomer parents, their focus is on a clearer balance between work and family life.
Their perceptions were shaped by growing up having to take care of themselves early, with working mothers, an increase in the divorce rate and single parent units.
Money: They are the first generation that will NOT do as well financially as their parents did. Values: Their values revolve around life balance, self-reliance, diversity, being entrepreneurial, and having fun.  

Motivation: They crave independence, ignore leadership, are pragmatic, anti-establishment, unimpressed with and will test authority repeatedly.

Work: They are Highly Educated, think globally and are technically literate with high job expectations.
They are independent and informal with the result that they lack organizational loyalty, are cynical, pragmatic and would rather be self-employed or be able to move between employers if they so choose.
They take time off to “find themselves” as they are not worried about losing their place on the corporate team.  They are however very loyal to their managers.
They are highly adaptable, confident, competent, ethical, results focuses, flexible, self-starters, willing to take on responsibilities and put in the extra time to get a job done if required and are more results driven than job driven.  They work smarter and with greater output.
They are the first “day care” generation, where women are expected to work outside the home due to the requirement of dual incomes.
Mostly this generation value their time, time away from work, time with their families and time to have fun. They work to live, not live to work.
As an expat this generation is highly employable and adaptable, they are extremely educated with the experience required for the job.  They enjoy moving and adapting to new experiences of a new country, culture and job, and are willing to work the extra hours to get the job done.
History onwards …..
1965 – United States sends ground combat troops to Vietnam
1966 – National Organization for Women founded
1966 – Cultural Revolution in China
1967 – American Indian Movement founded
1968 – Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy assassinated
1969 – First lunar landing
1969 – Woodstock
1970 – Kent State University shootings
1970 – Women’s Liberation protests and demonstrations
1972 – Arab terrorists at Munich Olympics
1973 – Watergate scandal
1973 – Energy crisis begins
1976 – Tandy and Apple market PCs
1978 – Mass suicide in Jonestown
1979 – Three Mile Island nuclear reactor nears meltdown
1979 – US corporations begin massive layoffs
1979 – Iran holds sixty-six Americans hostage
1980 – John Lennon shot and killed
1980 – Ronald Reagan inaugurated

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