Healthcare Cost of Living Ranking August 2016

The August 2016 top 50 most expensive international places for expat healthcare items such as doctor visit, hospital stay, non-prescription medicine, and medical insurance.
The cost of living comparison rankings (top 50) for medical healthcare costs for expats from most expensive to least expensive location are as follows:

1. Anchorage AK
2. Hong Kong
3. Seattle WA
4. San Jose CA
5. Riverside City CA
6. San Francisco CA
7. Hartford CT
8. Milwaukee-Waukesha WI
9. Singapore
10. New York (Manhattan) NY
11. Manchester NH
12. New York (Brooklyn) NY
13. Oakland CA
14. Spokane WA
15. New Haven CT
16. Nassau
17. Portland ME
18. New York NY
19. San Diego CA
20. Middlesex-Monmouth NJ
21. Los Angeles-Long Beach CA
22. Zurich
23. Nassau County NY
24. Sarasota FL
25. Wilmington NC
26. Geneva
27. Honolulu, HI
28. New York (Queens) NY
29. Beijing
30. Bergen-Passaic NJ
31. Burlington-Chittenden Co, VT
32. Eugene OR
33. Denver CO
34. Hampton Roads-SE Virginia VA

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