The highest inflation rates in the world in 2019

The highest inflation rates in the world:
1,698,488% for Venezuela as at December 2018.
55% for North Korea as at July 2013.
47.1% for Argentina as at December 2018.
43.45% for the Sudan as at January 2019.
42.09% for Zimbabwe as at December 2018.
39.9% for Iran as at November 2018.
38.04% for the Central African Republic as at February 2016.
33.5% for South Sudan as at November 2018.
26.6% for Liberia as at October 2018.
20.35% for Turkey as at January 2019.
18.6% for Angola as at December 2018.
18.14% for Sierra Leone as at November 2018.
14.5% for Haiti as at November 2018.
14.4% for Uzbekistan as at December 2017.
12.7% for Egypt as at January 2019.
11.44% for Nigeria as at December 2018.
10.9% for Ethiopia as at January 2019.

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