International Cost of Living – July 2020

Hong Kong is the most expensive city for Expats in the world as at July 2020, mainly due to extremely high housing costs (which counts for around 30% of the overall cost of living for most Expats), with limited space available making rentals high.

Hong_Kong Cost of Living

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The latest international inflation data for every country in the world as reported in July 2020.

Kinshasa in the DRC is the most expensive city to live in the African region as at July 2020.

Africa Cost of Living History

New York (Manhattan) NY is the most expensive location in the Americas as at July 2020.

America Cost of Living History

Hong Kong is the most expensive city for Expats in Asia-Pacific as at July 2020.

Asia Pacific Cost of Living History

Zurich is Europe‘s most expensive city.

Europe Cost of Living History

Jerusalem in Israel is the most expensive place for expats in the Middle East as at July 2020.

Middle East Cost of Living History

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