Grocery International Cost of Living Ranking 2010

This report provides you with the rank of Grocery cost of living indexes as at September 2010 for each of our 300 global locations. The indexes are calculated using the prices for specific quantities of the same goods and services in each location, based on expatriate spending patterns across 13 broad categories (Basket Groups). Our calculators make use of the cost of living indexes, based on your input and Xpatulator’s data, to create reports online which you can save, e-mail or convert to a pdf file.


Grocery costs include food, non-alcoholic beverages and cleaning material items such as baby consumables, baked goods, baking, canned foods, cheese, cleaning products, dairy, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fruit juices, meat, oil & vinegars, pet food, pre-prepared meals, sauces, seafood, snacks, soft drinks, spices and herbs.


The September 2010 grocery international cost of living top 100 rank is as follows:


September 2010 Rank Country, City

1 Japan, Tokyo
2 Venezuela, Caracas
3 Russia, Moscow
4 Trinidad and Tobago, Port-of-Spain
5 Denmark, Copenhagen
6 Japan, Osaka
7 Congo, Brazzaville
8 Sudan, Khartoum
9 Bahrain, Manama
10 Kiribati, South Tarawa
11 Norway, Oslo
12 Japan, Nagoya
13 Korea Republic of, Seoul
14 Central African Republic, Bangui
15 Switzerland, Geneva
16 Gabon, Libreville
17 China, Hong Kong
18 Japan, Yokohama
19 Solomon Islands, Honiara
20 Switzerland, Zurich
21 Indonesia, Jakarta
22 USA, Anchorage AK
23 Sierra Leone, Freetown
24 Angola, Luanda
25 Egypt, Cairo
26 Canada, Toronto
27 Russia, St. Petersburg
28 USA, San Jose Calif
29 Congo Democratic Rep, Kinshasa
30 Canada, Vancouver
31 Azerbaijan, Baku
32 Qatar, Doha
33 Liberia, Monrovia
34 Nigeria, Lagos
35 Liechtenstein, Vaduz
36 Canada, Calgary
37 Philippines, Manila
38 USA, Philadelphia Pa
39 Canada, Montreal
40 Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby
41 USA, Boston Mass
42 Sao Tome and Principe, Sao Tome
43 USA, New York NY
44 USA, San Francisco Calif
45 Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou
46 USA, Washington DC
47 New Caledonia, Noumea
48 Afghanistan, Kabul
49 Bahamas, Nassau
50 Bermuda, Hamilton
51 Micronesia, Palikir
52 Australia, Sydney
53 Brazil, Sao Paulo
54 Timor-Leste, Dili
55 Canada, Ottawa
56 Australia, Canberra
57 United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
58 Samoa, Apia
59 Cayman Islands, George Town
60 Guam, Hagatna
61 France, Paris
62 Monaco, Monaco
63 Lebanon, Beirut
64 China, Shanghai
65 Vanuatu, Port Vila
66 Korea Democratic Republic of, Pyongyang
67 Haiti, Port-au-Prince
68 USA, Seattle Wash
69 Mali, Bamako
70 Austria, Vienna
71 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
72 Comores, Moroni
73 Australia, Melbourne
74 Cote DIvoire, Abidjan
75 Jamaica, Kingston
76 Djibouti, Djibouti
77 Chad, NDjamena
78 Australia, Perth
79 United Arab Emirates, Dubai
80 Martinique, Fort-de-France
81 USA, Baltimore Md
82 Barbados, Bridgetown
83 USA, Chicago Ill
84 Jersey, Saint Helier
85 Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan
86 Singapore, Singapore
87 USA, San Diego Calif
88 Puerto Rico, San Juan
89 Brazil, Brasilia
90 Malawi, Lilongwe
91 United Kingdom, London
92 USA, Cleveland Ohio
93 Taiwan, Taipei
94 Iraq, Baghdad
95 USA, Miami Fla
96 Burundi, Bujumbura
97 USA, Los Angeles Calif
98 China, Macao
99 Italy, Milan
100 Sweden, Stockholm

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