EXPAT COL Rankings January 2015

The top five most expensive places to live as an expat worldwide are Caracas, Luanda, Hong Kong, Singapore and Oslo. What about the most expensive per region?

Top five most expensive locations per regions:

Africa Luanda, Angola
Bangui, Central African Republic
N’Djamena, Chad
Lagos, Nigeria
Abuja, Nigeria
America Caracas, Venezuela
Manhattan NY, USA
Hamilton, Bermuda
Sao Paulo, Brazil
George Town, Cayman Islands
Asia Pacific Hong Kong, China
Singapore, Singapore
Tokyo, Japan
Sydney, Australia
Shanghai, China
Europe Oslo, Norway
Zurich, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Monaco, Monaco
London, UK
Middle East Jerusalem, Israel
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Doha, Qatar
Dubai, UAE
Beirut, Lebanon

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