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What Are Basket Groups? Do They Affect The Cost of Living?

Basket groups are those items that you need to buy on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Some of these items are paid for by the employer on an expatriate assignment and others that come out of the employees pocket. … Continue reading

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Asia Pacific Cost of Living July 2013

The biggest mover down the rankings is South Tarawa in Kiribati, which has dropped from 148th in April to become the 314th most expensive location in the world. The biggest mover up the rankings is Tashkent in Uzbekistan, which has risen from 500th in April … Continue reading

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How to NOT have an X-Trailing Spouse

I was that woman, I could have been a man in this situation, but I was that woman. You know the one, the Trailing Spouse as we are commonly known.  The one that gets to say “Yes” to moving abroad … Continue reading

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Cost of Living Differences Around the World — Just How Big Are They?

What makes one city more expensive than another?  Why is Switzerland so expensive? Why is Tokyo no longer the most expensive place in the world? Switzerland is fragmented into different cultures and different languages in different geographical areas. In comparison to most countries, people do … Continue reading

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The What? The Balassa–Samuelson Effect.

The Balassa–Samuelson effect is the theory behind the Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator (SPPP). The goal of this calculator is to determine how much salary, in a host location, will give an employee the same purchasing power as they currently have in … Continue reading

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Do You Live In The Most Expensive City In The World?

Xpatulator.com releases the Cost of Living Rankings every quarter, these rankings measure the comparative cost of living in  780 locations, covering every country worldwide.  Local prices are used to  compare  defined quantities of the same goods and services, these are then … Continue reading

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Top Ten Repatriation Tips: Arriving on Home Soil

The date is set, your tickets are booked and there is excitement in the air with the prospect of being back on home soil. What now? Have you planned what you need to do when you land? This is why … Continue reading

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