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France, Paris – Cost of Living

The economy of France is a mixed economy which is the fifth largest economy in the world, by measurement of GDP (nominal), behind the United States, Japan, China and Germany. It is the second largest economy in Europe. Paris is … Continue reading

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Finland, Helsinki – Cost of Living

The economy of Finland is a highly industrialized, free-market economy with a per capita output equal to that of other western economies such as France, Germany, Sweden or the United Kingdom. The largest sector of the economy is services at … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous International Cost of Living Ranking

This report provides you with the rank of Miscellaneous cost of living indexes for 282 global locations. The indexes are calculated using the prices for specific quantities of the same goods and services in each location, based on expatriate spending … Continue reading

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Falkland Islands, Stanley – Cost of Living

The economy of the Falkland Islands, previously heavily over-dependent on sheep farming (and historically whaling), has become more diversified in the last decades and now also has income from tourism and commercial fishing as well as a service base for … Continue reading

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