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Poland, Warsaw – Cost of Living

The economy of Poland is considered to be one of the healthiest economies of the post-communist countries, and is currently the fastest growing country within the EU. Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. Warsaw is home to … Continue reading

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Philippines, Manila – Cost of Living

The economy of the Philippines is a mixed economic system, and one of the newly industrialized emerging market economies of the world. Important sectors of the Philippine economy include agriculture and industry, particularly food processing, textiles and garments, and electronics … Continue reading

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Peru, Lima – Cost of Living

The economy of Peru is an emerging market-oriented economy characterized by a high level of foreign trade. Peru’s economy has experienced significant growth in the last 15 years. Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru. Lima is the … Continue reading

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Grocery International Cost of Living Ranking

This report provides you with the rank of Grocery cost of living indexes for 282 global locations. The indexes are calculated using the prices for specific quantities of the same goods and services in each location, based on expatriate spending … Continue reading

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Paraguay, Asuncion – Cost of Living

Paraguay has a market economy characterized by a large informal sector. Agriculture dominates the economy, but unequal land distribution has resulted in a large class of peasant farm laborers. A large portion of the population is uninvolved in the formal … Continue reading

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