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Martinique, Fort-de-France – Cost of Living

The economy is based on trade. Agriculture accounts for about 6% of GDP and the small industrial sector for 11%. Tourism has become more important than agricultural exports as a source of foreign exchange. The majority of the work force … Continue reading

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Marshall Islands, Majuro – Cost of Living

The government of the Marshall Islands is the largest employer, employing 30.6% of the work force. Direct U.S. aid accounted for 60% of the Marshalls’ $90 million budget. Majuro is the capital and largest city of the Republic of the … Continue reading

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Mali, Bamako – Cost of Living

The Economy of Mali is based to a large extent on agriculture, with an overwhelmingly rural population, many of whom are engaged in subsistence agriculture. Mali is among the ten poorest nations of the world, is one of the 37 … Continue reading

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