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Africa Cost of Living – 2010

Africa’s most expensive city for expatriates, as at 1 July 2010, is Luanda in Angola (ranked 15 in the world) with a cost of living index of 106.17 (New York = 100). Luanda is particularly expensive for education, (ranked 3 … Continue reading

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Guyana, Georgetown – Cost of Living

The economy of Guyana is mainly based on agriculture (production of rice and Demerara sugar), bauxite mining, gold mining, timber, shrimp fishing and minerals. Guyana is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Chronic problems include a shortage … Continue reading

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Guinea-Bissau, Bissau – Cost of Living

The economy of Guinea-Bissau is among the world’s least developed and one of the 10 poorest countries in the world, dependant mainly on agriculture and fishing. Bissau is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau. Bissau is the country’s largest city, major … Continue reading

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Guinea, Conakry – Cost of Living

The economy of Guinea has abundant natural resources including 25% or more of the world’s known bauxite reserves. Guinea also has diamonds, gold, and other metals. Conakry is the capital and largest city of Guinea. Conakry is a port city … Continue reading

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The Positives and Negatives of Moving Internationally

This is a basic summary on the Positives and Negatives on moving from one place to another in our global world from someone who has been there and done it a couple of times.  How to make the negatives positive … Continue reading

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Transport International Cost of Living Ranking

This report provides you with the rank of Transport cost of living indexes for 282 global locations. The indexes are calculated using the prices for specific quantities of the same goods and services in each location, based on expatriate spending … Continue reading

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