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Kenya, Nairobi – Cost of Living

The economy of Kenya is market-based, with some state-owned infrastructure enterprises, and maintains a liberalized external trade system. The economy?s heavy dependence on rain-fed agriculture and the tourism sector leaves it vulnerable to cycles of boom and bust. The agricultural … Continue reading

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Kazakhstan, Almaty – Cost of Living

The economy of Kazakhstan is the largest economy in Central Asia. It possesses enormous fossil fuel reserves as well as minerals and metals. It also has considerable agricultural potential with its vast steppe lands accommodating both livestock and grain production, … Continue reading

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Jordan, Amman – Cost of Living

The economy of Jordan is small with limited natural resources, but has improved much since its inception as a country. Jordan’s economic resource base centers on phosphates, potash, and their fertilizer derivatives; tourism; overseas remittances; and foreign aid. Amman is … Continue reading

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Do Expatriates experience hardship?

Does an Expatriate and their family experience any hardship? First impressions can be misleading. Many Expatriates accept an overseas position with high expectations of a better quality life, luxury accommodation, and the excitement of new experiences.   The reality is … Continue reading

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Jersey, Saint Helier – Cost of Living

The economy of Jersey is largely driven by international financial services & legal services, which accounted for 53% of total GVA in 2007. Other sectors include construction, retail, agriculture, tourism and order fulfillment, such as internet based selling. Saint Helier … Continue reading

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