Africa Cost of Living – 2010

Africa’s most expensive city for expatriates, as at 1 July 2010, is Luanda in Angola (ranked 15 in the world) with a cost of living index of 106.17 (New York = 100). Luanda is particularly expensive for education, (ranked 3 in the world), accommodation (ranked 5 in the world), and healthcare (ranked 6 in the world). Luanda is rebuilding its infrastructure after years of war, which has contributed to making goods and services purchased by expatriates expensive, as a result of lack of availability, and the cost of bringing appropriate goods and services into the country. Libreville in Gabon (ranked 20 in the world) is Africa’s second most expensive city, followed by Bangui in the Central African Republic (ranked 25 in the world) and Moroni in the Comores (ranked 27 in the world). The cheapest city surveyed in Africa is Triploi in Libya (ranked 273 in the world).

Most expensive cities in Africa (Global rank in brackets)
1. Angola, Luanda (15)
2. Gabon, Libreville (20)
3. Central African Republic, Bangui (25)
4. Comores, Moroni (27)
5. Chad, N’Djamena (30)
6. Cameroon, Douala (52)
7. Mali, Bamako (56)
8. Congo, Brazzaville (60)
9. Cameroon, Yaounde (63)
10. Nigeria, Lagos (66)

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